9 Most Powerful Killer Of Carpet Spots

9 most powerful killer of spots that clean and the most stubborn stains without residue and are affordable and safe!

Carpets – are not the only beautiful decoration of the house, but also reliable protection from the cold floor. But often not careful enough and on our favorite rug appears stubborn and difficult to remove stains. Especially if spilled fluid, which has already absorbed better than carpet.

Usually in such cases require professional help. The cleaning companies have special equipment for carpet cleaning. You can search through internet for a licensed well-known and professional cleaning company. For example you can type “Essex carpet cleaning” if you live in Essex area. There are many good companies you can choose from. But these 9 tricks will forget about expensive detergents and cleaning companies. You can easily retrieve all stains and even the smell of the carpet!


How to clean carpet stains

  1. Stop rubbing stains! This will only worsen the situation and spread dirt over a larger area. The stain should be soaked with sponge nice, even if it takes longer.


  1. Shaving foam is suitable for all types of stains. Smear it polluted area and leave for 30 minutes. Then blot with a damp sponge.


  1. To remove chewing gum from carpet will help usually ice cube. Put it on a stick of gum and will peel off easily when hardened enough.


  1. To remove wax from carpet, you will need a white cloth without motive. Cover the stains of wax and top press with a hot iron (no more than 30 seconds). A few minutes later superimpose on the location of the stain paper towel and go back with a hot iron.
  2. To deal with bloodstains can help ordinary hydrogen peroxide. Just pour it stain and blot with a towel.


  1. If the puppy has finished his work on the carpet, will help only organic detergent. In this case it would work better than chemicals. Sprinkle with suitable spray and wipe with a cloth.


  1. To clean the carpet of crumbs and larger pieces of dirt, just go with a brush, so they come to the surface, then you can easily collect them with a vacuum cleaner.


  1. If you spill coffee on the carpet, clean the stain with a dry cloth to remove the moisture. Then mix 1 tablespoon liquid detergent, 1 tbsp. vinegar and 2 tablespoons of warm water. Wet the stain with this tool and leave it for several minutes. Wipe with a dry cloth and repeat until the stain disappears.


  1. The best cure against bad smell is baking soda. Generously sprinkle her carpet and leave for the night. In the morning just suck with a vacuum cleaner residues.

With these tricks no stains will not rely! Try it with the next spot! If you are satisfied with our tips for cleaning carpets please share with your friends

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