How to clean the house before you move out of it

Moving into a new home is often good news, especially if it is better than the old! This does not mean that we are only required to get our things and send the keys to the landlord. To have no problems with it, it is good to clean the apartment and leave it at least in the form in which you have hired. Here are some practical tips, which will make this task much easier.

Remove all pictures and wall stickers

Look good premises and remove all the pictures and decorations off the walls. Similarly, remove and different stickers, adhesive hooks or magnets from the refrigerator so that it becomes like new. Furniture stickers can be removed by heated them with a hairdryer and pull gently and remove remaining glue with cotton soaked with a little oil. Be careful and do not use abrasive materials on smooth surfaces and solvents that can damage the color of the furniture.

Replace the burnt light bulbs and clean the lampshades

The lampshades of luminaires frequently gathered more dust than we think, so clean them thoroughly with a damp cloth before you move out of your old home. Check lights everywhere and if a bulb is burned out, replace it with a new one, so leave the premises in immaculate condition to be happy to return the keys to their owners.

Take care for the kitchen stove

With time on the stove can accumulate dirt, despite our persistent attempts to clean it regularly. To remove grease stains easily and with improvised means, put some baking soda in warm water and gently wipe the resulting liquid stove. For better results, you can apply the solution and leave to act for about 10 minutes before removing the dirt with a sponge. Do not forget to clean even the dishwasher and kitchen cabinets, which may have remained unpleasant stains.

My advice is to hire a professional cleaning company if you are not sure in your own cleaning abilities. When I changed my apartment I used the services of End of tenancy cleaning Tunbridge Wells. They will guarantee the return of the deposit.

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