How often do we clean our house?

How do we know if we clean up often in our home?

In general, no one can tell you how often to clean your home!

There are some recommendations for maintaining good hygiene, but it all depends on you and your will.

We’ll help you with some tips to keep in mind to make it easier to understand if you cleaned up well and how…
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Image of refrigerator

The refrigerator is where we keep our food. It must always be clean and receptive, because we eat of it. You definitely have to check for spoiled food every week and remove them to avoid a bad scent. You have to pack your food well to avoid mixing the flavor. You should regularly clean the refrigerator and shelves, as there are often food debris that spoils over time.


Dust is the other most common thing that we can define as a flaw. You should not be able to sign on your TV and furniture with your finger. Dust can be very harmful to your health, so wipe it frequently. It badly affects children or people who suffer from allergies.


The dishes in the sink. If you get used to washing your dishes and utensils after you use

Image of Dishes

it on the table, it can not get better. There will be smells of stale, dirty sink, dirty tiles. You will prevent the spread of bacteria.


Image of washing machine
Washing machine

Washing should not happen when all your clothes are at an end. When you get enough clothes to fill a washing machine, wash them. So you will always have fresh clothes, you will dry your clothes without a problem .

After cooking

The oven, hotplates and everything we cook should be cleaned with a special detergent that acts as a degreasing agent. It is good to do it after every cooking.

If you are from the housewives for which cleaning is not apart your strongest part, you can always use the services of a cleaning company such as End of tenancy cleaning London.




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