How to clean the aspirator in the kitchen

Everyone loves that scent of a homemade meal, but without the kitchen hood, you risk a long time not to ventilate your home.

That’s why we all need a kitchen aspirator to take away the odor while cooking.

We can not deny that the limits of the pleasant scent of freshly prepared food are far from the smell that goes around the house and embraces clothes, towels, and a bunch of other items.

If you are sitting and wondering why the aspirator in the kitchen is released and at the same time does not pull the unpleasant odors? The answer is clear. When did you last overtake to look at the hood’s filters? And when you last removed and cleaned them. If you think, you obviously did not clean the aspirator soon. So why do you expect it to work normally?

How to clean the hood?

Image of kitchen

We know well that if we do not clean an electrical appliance, then we can not expect it to work efficiently. When you run the kitchen hood, it sucks not only the accumulated with the fragrant air, but it also takes away the fat that separates itself during the preparation of the meal. Over time, fat accumulates on the filter, which clogs it. When the filter is clogged by accumulated dirt, it then loses its efficiency and significantly reduces its suction power. It is therefore important to clean the filters periodically.

Hood cleaning

Below, I’ve organized the hood cleaning in 6 easy, fast-paced steps. Each of the steps is important to reach the ultimate goal, namely a clean aspirator. Let’s start work!

Step 1: Remove the hood filters. Most filters are very easy to take off with small tongs at both ends. If you have difficulty downloading them, you can read the accompanying booklet for use or search for information on the Internet.

Step 2: Fill the kitchen sink or other pot with hot, even boiling water. Add a soda batch of bread, 4-5 tablespoons. Vinegar and a few drops of lotion for dishwashing. Dip the filters into the sink, but make sure they are well soaked and cover them completely with the solution.

Step 3: Wait 20-30 minutes … so the solution can work on filter dirt.

Step 4: Looking over the kitchen sink, you will see that much of the accumulated dirt on the filters is now a myth. Drain the sink and rinse the vinegar filters thoroughly. If you want you can always replace vinegar with lemon juice. Run the hot water and use the abrasive part of the fungus to remove all other greasy deposits from the filter.

Step 5: Rinse the filter thoroughly and then leave it to the side to drain excess water and dry with a cloth.

Step 6: Now you can reattach the cleaned filters and enjoy the effect of your work.

Great, your aspirator is already clean and for your house will take care the End of tenancy cleaning Tunbridge Wells company.



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